Hello.  My name is Chad.  I am going to school to get my degree in mechanical engineering.  I listen mainly to punk or mid-80’s to mid-90’s alternative rock.  The picture posted above is the cover art to my favorite album at the moment, Transgender Dysphoria Blues by Against Me!.  It is amazing.  I admit, I am a total movie snob.  I have tried to change that about myself since it drives my wife nuts but, it isn’t happening.  I’d rather watch The Tree of Life on repeat than have to sit through anything Michael Bay has to offer once.  I cannot stand live theater.  I’ve tried but it makes me want to drive a rusty railroad spike into my brain after about seven minutes.  The only thing worse than live theater is live musical theater where they sing all of the words and there is no real dialogue.  Oddly, I do enjoy musicals such as My Fair Lady and Singin’ In the Rain though.

I have no real artistic talent.  I am an appreciator.  I travel some and have seen all different kinds of art.  From The Sistine Chapel to Japanese woodblock prints on loan to a museum in San Antonio.  I have been to The Great Wall of China and seen Archie Bunker’s chair in The Smithsonian.  The most impressive thing that I have ever seen though is Michelangelo’s David.  From the actual sculpture itself to the way that it is displayed to the lighting, it moved me like nothing else that I have ever seen.  And the guards yelling at the rude tourists that were taking pictures was pretty hilarious too.  The only real connection that I have to an artist is my cousin.  He’s a professional artist.  You can find some of his drawings here